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School Board: schoolboard@morrisonschools.org
Morrison CUSD #6

Our Vision

Empowering every student to positively impact an ever-changing world.

Our Mission

Morrison Community School District #6 will provide challenging and engaging educational experiences to equip students with the critical skills that promote the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth needed to become highly successful and productive citizens.

Virtual Backpack

Important Information From MCUSD #6

  • Due to school cancellations so far this year, MCUD #6 will now be in session on Monday, February 18th and Monday, April 22nd. In addition the school year will be extended until June 4th. Also, as a reminder, school will be in session on Monday, March 4th to make up a cancellation earlier in the year.

5 Essentials Survey for Parents

State Immunization Report

2018-2019 FOCUS

Illinois State Board of Education Morrison Case Study

Essential Information for New Families

Thomson Relocation Information

Northside and Southside parents can find more information on Standards-based Grading on the Parent Resources page!

Updated versions of Board Policies 2:260; 7:10; 7:20; 7:180; and 7:190 can be found here, under the "Board Policies" section.

MCUD6 District Handbook updates for Chapter 6, regarding Discipline and Conduct, can be found here.