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Morrison CUSD #6

Morrison High School

Morrison High School Principal Kay Harwood

A Message From The Principal

Welcome to Morrison High School where we cherish proud traditions while preparing for the challenges of the future. Here at MHS we offer a strong curriculum lead by great teachers who are working to prepare students for college and careers. Our staff uses technology and creativity to assist students in reaching their academic goals and career aspirations. Morrison High School offers a rigorous curriculum that strives to engage and challenge all of our students with a variety of programs including: AP courses, a fine arts program, technology, vocational and CTE courses, online courses and much more.

Our tradition of excellence includes a variety of high achieving electives and extracurriculars. Our music program includes Marching Band, Band, Chorus, Madrigals - members of these programs have received statewide recognition for the quality of their work. The Spring Musical is always a great event for the whole community. The MHS Art Department not only has multiple student awards each year but provides opportunities to participate in art shows and Paint the Town for all students. Our sports programs have a long history of strong competition - teams qualify for play-offs each year. New to MHS this year is the eSports team. This team researches and prepares to compete in team gaming online. The games these students focus on have sponsors who offer college scholarships.

We’re glad to have you and your family be part of Morrison High School. We want to assure you that we do our best to assist your student experience academic, social, and emotional growth. Our goal is to facilitate the success of our students in college and careers. With your help and cooperation, this should be an excellent school year.

Kay Harwood, Principal, Morrison High School



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