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Morrison CUSD #6

Parent Resources

The websites and links in this section are offered to assist the parents, students and community surrounding Morrison CUSD #6. If you have suggestions for other resources that should be listed here, please contact your school office or the superintendent's office.

Some of the websites listed on these pages were suggested by district employees, students and/or parents. Morrion Community Unit District #6 is not responsible for links that are found on these pages. Always check a link before using it with students.

Important Information

Assignments, Grades & Curriculum

High school and junior high students can view links to their assignments on their respective school pages. For elementary students, please contact the child’s teacher. To view your student’s grades or progress, login to Skyward or contact the child’s teacher. For curriculum and instruction questions, contact the child’s teacher or the building principal.

Standards-base Grading: A New Outlook on Grading (Grades K-5)

Please view the following presentation for an explanation on the new grading system that will be implemented at Northside and Southside. This presentation was created and narrated by Cheryl Robinson, Director of Curriculum for MCUSD 6.

Special Education Services

Click here for our Procedural Safeguards document. For more information, contact your child’s teacher or the building principal.

Disciplinary Matters

Please contact the building principal.

Visiting Your Child At School

We welcome your visit to school and classrooms. To help us make your visit meaningful, please schedule your visit in advance with the office staff or teacher. We do not encourage visits immediately before school holidays or at the end of the school year, as those are extremely busy times for staff members. Please report to the office before visiting any program or classroom.

Contacting Your Child’s Teacher

Most classrooms are equipped with a telephone. Parents may call the school and be connected to the teacher. If class is in session or if the teacher is out of the room, a message can be left in the offiice. The teacher will return the call as soon as possible. Emergencies should always be directed to the school office. Schools have a telephones that students may use with permission from the classroom teacher or office staff. Messages to students will be delivered to them by the end of the school day. Parents are requested not to call unless it is urgent.

Internet Safety

Educational opportunities can be greatly enhanced by taking advantage of the extended learning resources available on the Internet. MCUD #6 has developed a program to allow student access to the Internet. The district's goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence by assisting in resource sharing, creativity and communication. With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility. Before your child may have access to the Internet, you will need to read the Network Use Guidelines and sign a Letter of Agreement. The use of inappropriate material or language or violation of copyright laws may result in the loss of Internet privileges. MCUD #6 takes precautions to prevent access to materials that may be defamatory, inaccurate, offensive or otherwise inappropriate in the school setting. It is impossible, however, to control all material. Ultimately, parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for setting and conveying standards for their children. The school district supports and respects each family's right to decide whether to authorize Internet access.

Internet Tips

  • The Internet is becoming a valuable educational tool for children and adults alike. As students explore, they open themselves to a world of wondrous possibilities and will be exposed to a wealth of information. While students will find many useful sites and helpful people throughout the world to guide them in their learning journeys, all of us need to understand some basic rules when visiting sites or communicating with people on the Internet.
  • Use only your first name. In emails, chat rooms, and at Web sites, please do not share personal information, such as your last name, address, or phone number. Only share your e-mail address with those people you want to respond to you. Do not share your account password with other students or friends.
  • When writing or speaking with people, please be respectful at all times - the person on the other side of the computer has feelings just like you. If you become uncomfortable with anything you see or read online, simply leave the site or delete the file. Please tell your teacher or computer aide if you need assistance.
  • Do not download pictures, text, or files unless you have permission from your teacher - images may contain computer viruses and could be harmful to the computer.
  • You can't believe everything you read, especially in cyberspace. If you are using the Internet for research, be sure to confirm your facts to ensure accuracy.

Registering For School

Login to your Skyward Family Access account to register online. Students new to the district should register in the school office. You can also watch this short video on the Registration Process.

Find registration documents for all ages here. Additional documents for each school building can be found by clicking on your child's age group below:

Other Resources

Report An Incident

Helping Your Child

Click below for online booklets from the U.S. Department of Education: