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Morrison CUSD #6

Southside School

Southside Principal Jennifer Oetting

A Message From The Principal

Southside School is located on the southern edge of Morrison, nestled between the Morrison High School and the Junior High School buildings. It is a location that gives an open country feeling with open fields and a small pine forest just across the street. This 3rd through 5th grade building, built in 1992, is the newest building in the District.

As the middle grades school in this District, Southside offers a time of transition for the Children of Morrison. As these young learners go through the third, fourth, and fifth grades, their main focus is no longer on “learning to read”, but has moved into the “reading to learn” phase. With a continued focus on the 3 R’s, social studies and sciences begin to play a more significant role in preparing them for the challenges of life. We are further building of the foundations of learning for our students so that they will become Lifelong Learners ready to meet the challenges of the global society.

As a dedicated professional and support staff we hold high expectations for ourselves in giving your children the finest opportunities to learn. We strive to provide a warm learning environment in which we maintain high expectations for our students to succeed and excel.

The 277 young people and 26 staff members of Southside are proud of our PTO and the support it gives our programs. The dedication and time commitment of the PTO are significant in making Southside that “extra special” place where children come to learn.

Parents are always welcome to visit our school and their children’s classrooms. Just stop in at the office and let us know you are here and you can join your child’s learning experience or have lunch with them in our cafeteria.

Hope to see you here.

Jennifer Oetting, Principal, Northside School

Student Programs & Services

Morrison Community Unit 6 provides the following student services and educational programs to students enrolled in Northside & Southside Elementary schools:

Resource Room

Special instruction and testing, with parental permission, for students who are identified as having special learning needs as defined by federal law. If eligible, students will have an individual education program written for them.

Speech/Language Pathology

Provided, with parental permission, by the district clinician to children who demonstrate critical speech difficulties and those whose language structure is in need of additional development.

Special Reading

Extra instruction in reading for children who would otherwise be at risk of failure. Students are admitted to the program, with parental permission, when test scores and teacher observation indicate a need. Learning opportunities include Reading Recovery and the Reading Support Program.

Health Services

Services involving the school nurse.

Counseling & Guidance

With parental permission, small group and individual counseling addressing children's emotional well-being at school.

Key Club Tutoring Program

An after-school program, provided with parental permission and classroom teacher recommendation, in which students are paired with volunteer tutors from the Morrison High School Key Club program.

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